Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thinking about Conversations with Staff

Hi Everyone,

Since I cancelled today's meeting I wonder if we could use technology to at least begin the conversation we were going to have today.  I will re-schedule today's meeting asap.

In the meantime, what thoughts or questions do you have in thinking about our initial conversations with staff?

I was going to show this video today....have a look if you get a chance. 
How do you see the world?  How might Warren Macdonald's inspirational message relate to our conversations about working with staff to create a culture that supports the type of thinking and learning we've been discussing?

I look forward to meeting with you again soon.  But please take advantage of using this blog to communicate/share/support each other between now and then.




  1. If all our students had a firm grasp and belief in the message Warren delivers I think we would have done our job.

  2. Just some random thoughts... A good place to start is building shared knowledge with department chairs. They will be the ones that will find themselves in short conversation in the halls, at lunch, etc. From there, the conversation could build within the entire department. Science will probably need the most help. LA will be a lot of work, but this will not be foreign to them.