Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I was thinking that we could try to address some of the needs that were brought up today via this blog?  Who knows, it might not work and that's okay.  It's worth a shot :)  If there is another discussion you would like to have/start in this blog please create a new post!

I thought I would list some needs that I heard.  Maybe you can add to the list and maybe you can volunteer to help with something on the list?

1) focus on the how vs. the what

2) model the instruction we expect within a classroom during any/every staff meeting, PLC meeting, department chair meeting, etc.

3) create a survey for teachers to determine areas of need based on department/grade level (this could be one google form that includes initial questions about grade level and department so that we can sort as needed but use one form for everyone?)

4) focus on strengths and weaknesses of departments by:
- having departments (or dept. members) with certain strengths work with other departments who may need to work on those particular ideas/skills
- having administrators and SAC's implement appropriate PD for departments/grade levels

5) develop instructional rounds and teacher labs to help teachers support and learn from each other

Monday, March 14, 2011

Math CC

Here is a link to the Dan Meyer video that we watched today.

How might you respond to the following prompts of the Connect - Extend - Challenge thinking routine?
  • CONNECT: How are the ideas and information presented CONNECTED to what you already knew?
  • EXTEND: What new ideas did you get that EXTENDED or pushed your thinking in new directions?
  • CHALLENGE: What is still CHALLENGING or confusing for you to get your mind around? What questions, wonderings or puzzles do you now have?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thinking about Conversations with Staff

Hi Everyone,

Since I cancelled today's meeting I wonder if we could use technology to at least begin the conversation we were going to have today.  I will re-schedule today's meeting asap.

In the meantime, what thoughts or questions do you have in thinking about our initial conversations with staff?

I was going to show this video today....have a look if you get a chance. 
How do you see the world?  How might Warren Macdonald's inspirational message relate to our conversations about working with staff to create a culture that supports the type of thinking and learning we've been discussing?

I look forward to meeting with you again soon.  But please take advantage of using this blog to communicate/share/support each other between now and then.



Sunday, February 13, 2011

Thoughts/Questions from 2.11.11

Hi Everyone,

Please post your thoughts/questions from our conversation on Friday, February 11th.  Let's use this blog as a way to continue our "conversation" in between our face-to-face meetings.


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Literacy Standards: Implications on Science and Social Studies

I thought it might be helpful if we share some thoughts and questions about the implications of the Literacy standards for Science and Social Studies.  This might help us all think through our questions and concerns first so that Friday is as productive as possible.  So, what are you curious about?  What do we need to explore further?  How do we support our teachers as they engage students in comprehending and interacting with text?  What do you need to know more about first in order to better support them?
I found this quote and thought I would share:

A good question is never answered.  It is not a bolt to be tightened into place but a seed to be planted and to bear more seed toward the hope of greening the landscape of idea.  ~John Ciardi

So please ask questions and help support each other through this adventure.  I'm hoping this blog will keep us thinking and collaborating in between our weekly meetings.


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Supporting our Teachers

I'm wondering how we support our teachers with these changes?  Where do we start?  And how do we "find" time for them to have meaningful conversations about the thinking and learning in their classrooms?

Intro to Common Core Blogging


I want to expand my understanding of blogging as an educational tool.  I thought this group might be a great way to learn?!

I am thinking we can use this blog to communicate, post questions, provide thoughts, suggestions, etc.

I have no idea how or if this will work but I feel comfortable taking a chance with this group and seeing where this can go.

I hope you are willing to learn with me :)

At the Best Practices Conference I went to a presentation about a Pre-Calc teacher who had his students blog everyday.  They basically kept a record of class notes.  Kids could ask questions, give each other feedback/support and then use the combination of blogs as a review tool for tests and exams. 

Alan Novemeber also mentioned blogging as a means to "flip" the classroom experience so that class time was more about feedback and homework was really about reading/researching and then using a blog to post questions.  The teacher then uses the homework, or the questions and misunderstandings that students have posted, as his/her means to guide class activities.

So, I guess I was thinking that we could try this tool out amongst ourselves and get a feel for how it works and we could help teachers use it (in a meaningful way!) in their classrooms.