Saturday, February 5, 2011

Intro to Common Core Blogging


I want to expand my understanding of blogging as an educational tool.  I thought this group might be a great way to learn?!

I am thinking we can use this blog to communicate, post questions, provide thoughts, suggestions, etc.

I have no idea how or if this will work but I feel comfortable taking a chance with this group and seeing where this can go.

I hope you are willing to learn with me :)

At the Best Practices Conference I went to a presentation about a Pre-Calc teacher who had his students blog everyday.  They basically kept a record of class notes.  Kids could ask questions, give each other feedback/support and then use the combination of blogs as a review tool for tests and exams. 

Alan Novemeber also mentioned blogging as a means to "flip" the classroom experience so that class time was more about feedback and homework was really about reading/researching and then using a blog to post questions.  The teacher then uses the homework, or the questions and misunderstandings that students have posted, as his/her means to guide class activities.

So, I guess I was thinking that we could try this tool out amongst ourselves and get a feel for how it works and we could help teachers use it (in a meaningful way!) in their classrooms.



  1. I think it's a great idea! I'll do my best to participate:)

  2. Thanks for taking a risk and pushing us professionally to use this technology!

  3. If anyone has suggestions as to how to make this more beneficial for everyone, let us know :)
    And please become a "follower" so you can easily keep track of comments/thoughts.
    Also, please start your own blog if their is a topic that you would like to think with others about.